Olive Branch Collection

I remember traveling solo in Provence and was told there was an amazing restaurant deep into a olive grove and I should just follow le chemin, a very small roadway, which in fact was nearly non-existent and I would come upon it. I found it!  It was totally authentic, and charming. The next day in full sun I make a return trip and spent the day drawing and thus this collection was born.

OB-Pasta Bowl-3

Olive Branch | Vergine Pasta Bowl


OB-Pasta Bowl-4

Olive Branch | Olive Tree Pasta Bowl


OB-Pasta Bowl-Sun

Olive Branch | Olive Sun Pasta Bowl



Olive Branch | La Frasca Pasta Bowl



Olive Branch | Vergine Dipping Dish


OB-Olive Tree-TB 4818

Olive Branch | Olive Tree Dipping Dish


OB-Olive Sun-TB 4819

Olive Branch | Olive Sun Dipping Dish


OB-Frasca Oliva-TB 4836

Olive Branch | La Frasca Dipping Dish



Oil Bottle | Dipping Dish



Olive Branch | Hors d'oeuvres Tray


OB-Olive Boat-4658

Olive Branch | Olive Boat


9013 Olive Branch Napkins

Olive Branch | Cocktail Napkins