Corporate Team Building & Leadership Programs


“Pause • Reflect • Refresh”

June 8, 2010
“The Executive Assistants Day Retreat”

A retreat like this may be in order for one of your teams. This day was created for Jeff Emelt, President of GE, for the group of 12 Executive Assistants that support his inner team. This was the assistants acknowledgement for work well done and appreciated!

Business Women’s Forum

“When We’re Dealt Lemons What Can We Create?”

March, 2009
Mind Mapping the Next New You

As the economy was imploding in 2009, we needed to acknowledge what was going on while offering both hope and tools for making a less sour lemonade.

Essex Meadows Directors Retreat

“I, You, We”

October 15, 2009
 I  •  You  •   We

A day retreat for team building for the Annual Directors Outing; fun and reflection were the criteria. The Food for Thought cards, a collaborative painting project, and lunch off-site with a team member they didn't know well, plus the studio setting created a sense of play as we built new connections for collaboration. Their group paintings still hang in the staff room as a visual reminder.