Chez Pastis Collection

Chez means at the house of. So the House of Pastis?  There is an abundance of Chez Pastis bistrots in the world.  Pastis is an alcohol consisting of anise or licorice.  It’s a signature aperitif in Provence and it is be sipped slowly. Pastis is created with  anise or licorice, plus a variety of spices and a bit of sugar. When served it is clear until you add the necessary water thus turning it to a  milky white and cloudy. 


Chez Pastis Melamine Tray



Chez Pastis Snack Tray


EQ-Chez Pastis Tray

Chez Pastis | Hors d'oeuvres Tray


LesBis.Olive Boat-4654LR

Chez Pastis | Olive Boat



Chez Pastis | Tid•Bit Dish


CP Luncheon nap-9005

Chez Pastis | Cocktail Napkins