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    S U M M E R   C O L O R

    Still time to enjoy Mother Nature's palette

    Summer brings with it easy access to locally grown, and hopefully organic foodstuffs. Bright summer colors are the perfect color for our eating choices. The red of the early strawberries made me ever so happy, that is until I succumbed to a pesticide attack brought on by the berries that weren’t organic. One step forward, two steps back. I want to shop locally, and/but it’s increasingly important to make organic choices even if the price is higher. The ultimate cost of ingesting pesticides is higher yet!

    Mother Nature Knows her Colors 

    The colors of the rainbow create a healthy and visual recipe for what’s best to eat – mix - match and blend these colors:  

    Red ~ throw in the washed strawberries

    Orange & Yellow ~ add mango and pineapple

    Green ~ add a green - like spinach

    Blues & Purples ~ complete the rainbow with the berries,

    add coconut water and a protein powder

    Living with Color

    Recently, I was reminded by feng shui consultant, Lurrae Lupone, that my preferred color palette of blues and greens for my office and home needed to be juiced with some high energy colors. My preferred summer colors and mid-tones just aren’t enough!

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