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    Marking Time. 2015

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    I'm spending some time thinking about how I spend my time. Time like currency can be valued, invested or wasted. It can also be appreciated, gifted, hoarded, savored or shared? Above all else, even currency, time is our most valued asset. How we spend it shows us what we value.

    Last year we created a calendar specifically for Child and Family agency of CT. I thought of this project as a one-off until I'm in the car, my mind wanders to calendar appropriately as I'm on my way to our Child and Family November meeting. As these things happen: I was greeted by Suzanne with an eager question, "Jill are you doing another calendar this year, my friends are asking, I hope so". I smiled, laughed actually, and said, Yes! That is how it happens. An idea comes and when we're listening, the Universe reinforces it (someone asks the question) and when we're paying attention we recognize it, chuckle, and we get to say yes, or no.

    January's illustration is titled, "KFS", knife fork spoon, and marks what could be called the never ending eating and feeding, or, it can mark how we share a meal. Growing up I remember family dinners, we were required to share our day's activities with more than grunts and groans, no chowing down and jumping up to escape. Sharing a meal, especially a home cooked meal, creates sacred time.

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