• Spring Has Sprung

    Time to make a clutter-free space
    in our homes and our minds

    0213 sln a Bird HouseBird House #6 created by Jill for her book,
    Create the Space You Deserve, 2008

    So what does falling in love, clearing the clutter, and quieting the mind all have to do with each other?

    Are we loving who we are and what we are creating? Over and over we say “we love this,” “we love that.” So what exactly is the “this” and the “that” we so love?

    Our homes are often a mirror of how we feel about ourselves. Have we invested in this relationship? The surprising and wonderful thing about this relationship is when we are engaged with our homes they give back. They comfort, they wrap their arms around us when we walk in, we sleep well, and are inspired to welcome others into our homes.

    0213 sln a House

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