• #LikeAGirl, I Am Woman

    Sometimes it is as easy as shovelling snow by the full moonlight


    Sometimes you have to wait until the right idea comes along. Sometimes you just need something new to get the juices flowing.

    Inspiration often comes from unexpected places. The ground-breaking Super Bowl ad, #LikeAGirl inspired me here and on a moonlit night.

    I didn’t know what I wanted to say, not until this morning. I am working at home. It’s not a snow day (for a change), it’s Jill’s day to create in the home studio. And as often happens, something else jumps up and waves its hand, needing my attention. 

    I love my propane gas fireplace. It is my friend in the evening when I arrive home, it is my friend in the morning as I have breakfast. It warms me and Carrot the cat, for our 15 minute meditation that starts us off for a good day.

    The only problem is that this morning, I believe I’m about to run out of propane gas. Worry and the inability to easily check the gauge, has caused me to not use the fireplace as much, or to consider not cooking on my stove top. Neither is a good option. Here comes the challenge. Propane gas tanks are not part of my design vision. The solution is to vanish the 325 gallon gas tank by burying it in the backyard. The propane folks are happy to deliver, when the tank can be found: not so easy under two feet of drifted and frozen snow. Tired of the worry, I order a delivery for the next morning.

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